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Jonathan Thompson is a Senior Ecologist at the Harvard Forest. He is a forest landscape ecologist who studies long-term and broad-scale changes in forest ecosystems, with an emphasis on quantifying how land use - including harvest, conversion, and conservation - affects forest services and processes. Occasionally he’ll sneak out and collect data in the field, but more often he relies on simulation models, remote sensing, and large databases to understand landscape dynamics. Thompson came to Harvard Forest in November, 2013 after spending five years with a dual appointment as a Research Ecologist at the Smithsonian Institution and Research Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia. He received a PhD in Forest Ecology and an MS in Forest Policy from Oregon State University.



 Meg MacLean is a post-doc in the lab.  



 Josh PlisinskiJosh Plisinsiki is a Research Assistant and GIS Technician in the lab.
 DanelleLaflower2018 Danelle Laflower is a Research Assistant and Lab Manager in the lab.
 LucyLee2018 Lucy Lee is a Research Assistant in the lab.

 Matthew Duveneck is a Research Associate with the lab.

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 LucaMorreale2018 Luca Morreale
 ValPasquerellaValerie Pasquarella is a Reseach Associate at Harvard Forest and Assistant Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University
BrianHall Brian Hall is a GIS Research Assistant at Harvard Forest