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Lab Descriptions

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See the fee schedule for rates on laboratory use and dedicated bench space

 Soils Laboratory

    • Soils laboratory policy
    • Primary function: sort soils and litter.
    • Location: Torrey Building
    • Equipment: Ovens, muffle furnace, balances, refrigerators, benchtop space, outdoor soil washing station
    • Other: Access to Torrey Greenhouse

Clean Laboratory

    • Clean laboratory policy
    • Primary function: clean benchtop analysis (nutrient analysis, microbiology)
    • Location: Torrey Building
    • Other: space maintained at a constant temperature and humidity
    • Equipment: C:N machine, Lachat FIA, sub-80 Freezer, refrigerator, microplate reader and centrifuge, fine balances, lab-grade dishwashers, water (RO, DI, recycled gray water), fume hood, laminar hood, ovens, benchtop space, computer

Microscope Room

  • Primary function: microscopic analysis
  • Location: Torrey Building's Clean Lab
  • Other: space maintained at a constant temperature and humidity
  • Equipment: compound microscopes, dissecting microscopes, desktop space, computer & printer

Support Lab   

  • Primary function: non-chemical experimental/equipment prep
  • Location: Torrey Building
  • Equipment: soil/litter grinder, benchtop space, computer & printer

PaleoEcology Laboratory

    • Paleoecology laboratory policy
    • Primary function: sediment core extraction, pollen analysis
    • Location: Shaler Building
    • Equipment: fume hood, fine balance, centrifuge, microscopes (dissecting and compound), benchtop space

Harvard OEB Lab

    • Primary function: support Harvard University faculty research
    • Location: Shaler Building
    • Other: Access to Shaler Greenhouse
    • Equipment: Fume hood, refrigerator, fine balance, dissecting microscope, benchtop space, computer

 Other Dedicated Spaces

    • Depending on researcher need and space availability, new areas can be converted into lab spaces.

For more information or questions contact Lab Coordinator Benjamin Goulet-Scott