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Reference writers can submit letters only after the student has activated their application. Reference writers will recieve an email with log-in credentials to submit letters on-line.

Please note that references are due by the Friday February 4th, 9:00am EST. with no exceptions. 

No. We only accept uploaded references. 

Please confirm that your student has actually entered you in as a reference. You should receive an email from with the instructions on how to upload a reference. Also, confirm which email address your student used to identify you, as this is how we keep track of referees. If you are replacing another faculty member who was listed as the original letter writer, the student needs to change the information in their application before you can submit your letter. 

We do not accept reference letters via email, they must be uploaded into our on-line application to be associated with the student's application. 

Contact Please put in the subject line: SUMMER PROGRAM REFEREE PROBLEM 

Include the name of your student in the body of the email along with any other relevant technical issue with the upload process.