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Frank Morton Jones & Carnivorous Plant Research in the Early 20th Century

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Frank Morton Jones was a 20th century naturalist, investigating primarily entomology, particularly Lepidoptera and the insects associated with[Click the image above for a larger view] the pitcher plant family Sarraceniaceae. Upon his death in 1962, he left various universities his collections and journal libraries, including Yale University with 5 boxes of archival material. Using this material, Stephanie Day (Howard University), during her internship in the 2006 Harvard Forest Summer Research Program in Forest Ecology, compiled this material and designed a website about the past knowledge of pitcher plants and the work of Frank Morton Jones. The Harvard Forest Summer Research Program in Forest Ecology is a program supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation through grant 0452254. Additional support for this project provided by NSF grant 0541680.I .

All material in this website, except for Pitcher Plant pages were derived from the Frank Morton Jones Archive, housed in the Entomology Collections of the Peabody Museum at Yale University.

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