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example of herbarium specimen found at Harvard ForestThe HF Herbarium contains over 3,500 specimens of just over 800 species collected locally over the last century (from 1908 to 2015).  Many specimens were collected in the first half of the 20th century, primarily during three periods: 1908-1913 (~10% of specimens), 1928-34 (~35%), and 1947-49 (~45%). Specimens collected at HF but originally housed in regional herbaria (HUH, UMASS, Bentley University) or personal collections are also now included.  Modern flora was collected from 2004-2014 by Jerry Jenkins, Glenn Motzkin, and Kirsten Ward. Two digital databases, one describing the herbarium specimens, and the other describing the HF flora are publicly accessible.  The herbarium specimens have been digitized and are available online at the Consortium of Northeast Herbaria.  In addition, the corresponding detailed description of the historical and modern flora won the Ecological Society of America's 2009 William Skinner Cooper Award. 

In addition to specimens, the Herbarium holds hundreds of field and illustrative guides of local and regional vegetation and floras. 

Flora Guides

Jenkins, J. C., Motzkin, G., Ward*, K. 2008. The Harvard Forest Flora. An Inventory, Analysis and Ecological History. Harvard Forest Paper 28: 266. 

Jenkins J, Motzkin G. 2009. Harvard Forest Flora Database. Harvard Forest Data Archive: HF116.

Jenkins J, Motzkin G. 2009. Harvard Forest Herbarium Database. Harvard Forest Data Archive: HF117.

Motzkin, G. 2014. Biodiversity Conservation on Agricultural Land: The Vegetation and Flora of Petersham Country Club, Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA. Harvard Forest Paper No. 30. pp 20.

Additional Regional Resources

Field Notebooks (1975-1991) - From Bruce Sorrie, Botanist for Natural Heritage Program.