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Sites 3 & 4: Wolf Pines

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Site 3: Wolf Pine behind Higginson House, spring and fall, N 42º 31.815' W072º 11.508' 

Behind Harvard Forest's Higginson House I came across this arm-waving wolf, a relic of New England's pastoral landscape. White pines that started life in open space and sunshine grew wide and multi-branched instead of vertical and straight. This one is lost in a forest that grew tall over time.

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Wolf Pine Higginson KaspariWolf Pine Fall Higginson KaspariWolf pine Higginson Kaspari

Site 4: Wolf Pine at Tom Swamp Road, N 42º 30.548' W072º 10.986' 

This deep-wood wolf pine, overshadowed by tall, straight pines and second-growth maples, was once a farm or cow pasture’s shade tree. Abandoned and overgrown, it’s now a relic from an earlier era. If you find a wolf tree and search around, you might find other relics- stone walls or a cellar holes, or maybe rusty bits of a farmer’s old buggy.   

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Wolf Pine Tom Swamp KaspariWolf Pine Tom Swamp Road Kaspari