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Visiting Harvard Forest

Sledding is allowed on the Harvard Farm December - April.  Snowmobiling is prohibited at all times.

Camping is not permitted at Harvard Forest, but local Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels and Campgrounds can be found easily within a 20 mile radius.  You can also find directions to local resources (i.e. groceries, pharmacies etc...).

Horseback riding is permitted on the dirt roads at Harvard Forest. Please be aware that research vehicles, hikers, and mountain bikers may also be using these roads at any time.Visit /museum/recreation.html for other recreation policies at Harvard Forest

Except for a few intensive research areas, hunting is allowed at Harvard Forest in the seasons and according to the regulations of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

The few intensive research areas where hunting is restricted are clearly posted. There is also no hunting allowed in the vicinity of Harvard Pond, which is a wildlife preserve, or at the Matthews Plantation in Hamilton, Mass.

See our Petersham map (2017) of the areas where hunting is restricted.

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Harvard Forest Offices are open weekdays: 9:00am - 4:00pm