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Statistics for ecologists

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I am generally interested in promoting good statistical practice among ecologists:Primer Cover

  • In 2004, Nick Gotelli and I published A primer of ecological statistics, a statistical textbook for ecologists and environmental scientists. More information about the book, including reviews, datasets, and software, can be found in the publications section of my website. We are currently working on a second statistical textbook: Statistics for large-scale experiments in ecology and ecosystem science (Sinauer Associates, under contract) .
  • From 2002 to 2010, I was the Associate Editor-in-Chief of Ecology and Ecological Monographs, with primary responsibility for statistical and mathematical papers. Since 2010, I have been Editor-in-Chief of Ecological Monographs.
  • I have a long-standing interest in the use of Bayesian inference in ecological research (Ellison 1996, 2004). In 2005, I taught a one-week short-course on Bayesian statistics at the University of Stockholm in Sweden. I also maintain a bibliography of papers using Bayesian inference in ecology.