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31st Annual Harvard Forest Ecology Symposium Guidelines

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Research Abstract Guidelines

All researchers working at Harvard Forest (Senior investigators, students, staff, visiting scientists) are asked to submit an abstract for each of their current or proposed studies conducted at the Forest, to be published on-line.

All research groups conducting studies at the Harvard Forest are invited to bring posters. Undergraduate and graduate students are particularly encouraged to participate. Posters on all Harvard Forest research are welcome. See below for details on poster guidelines.

Abstract Due Date: Submit abstracts by Thursday, March 12 to be included in a listing of abstracts distributed at the meeting

Format: 1 page maximum, plus figures. Please proofread abstracts prior to submission; abstracts will not be edited. Figures may be in color or black and white. Please upload figures as a pdf, jpg or gif file (or series of files). Don't forget to number the figures and tables, and include captions.

You won't receive a confirmation e-mail, but you can log in at any time to edit, delete, or check your abstract.

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Call for Posters

Please indicate that you will be bringing a poster on the on-line abstract submission form

Poster Dimensions - maximum size is 4 feet high by 5 feet long. If it works for you, a portrait-oriented poster with a width of 32 inches or less (height up to 48 inches) would allow us to fit more posters on our display boards.

Display Space is limited: The Poster Session will be in the Upstairs Museum. Some posters will need to be taped up with masking tape rather than tacked. We will have ample supplies of tacks and tape available. Harvard Forest staff will be available if you need supplies or assistance.

Poster Session - The poster session will be on March 17 mid-day. Please make sure that the poster is posted before the session and that an author is with the poster during the entire time to facilitate exchange and discussion. There will be additional poster viewing/discussion time throughout the day, but presenters are not required to stand by their posters at these times.

Wrap-Up - You may either take the poster down and take it with you at the end of the day, or you may leave it up to remain on display at Harvard Forest. If you do leave it, please let Audrey Barker Plotkin know if you'd like it sent back to you at a later date.

Questions/Problems: Contact Audrey Barker Plotkin