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Summer Program Funders

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The Harvard Forest Summer Research Program is supported by a variety of federal agencies, universities, and partner organizations.

2017 Program Supporters

  • National Science Foundation
    • LTER V: New Science, Synthesis, Scholarship, and Strategic Vision for Society (DEB-1237491)
    • REU Site: A Forest full of Big Data: the Harvard Forest Summer Research Program inEcology 2015-2019 (DBI-1459519)  
    • SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: Bringing End-to-End Provenance to Scientists (ACI-1450277)
    • Collaborative Research and NEON: MSB Category 2: PalEON - a PaleoEcological Observatory Network to access terrestrial ecosystem models (EF-1535623)
    • Collaborative Research: EAGER-NEON: Using Intraspecific Trait Variation to Understand Processes Structuring Continental-scale Biodiversity Patterns (EF-1550770)