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Sources of Remote Sensing Data

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To get the most recent and least manipulated remote sensing data it is useful to return to the original source of the data. It is also important to maintain a connection to the original data so that it can be properly referenced and to provide feedback to the originator so that they can maintain metrics on data usage and justify the costs behind their development and collection.

Coordinates for the Harvard Forest

Latitude: 42.531612 (42o 31' 53.803")
Longitude: -72.189963 (72o 11' 23.867")
WRS-2 (landsat) Path/Row: 108/214 (ascending) 13/30 (descending)
UTM: Zone 18T, 730782m Easting, 4712631m Northing
Mass State Plane (EPSG: 26986, SPCS:2001): 143313m Easting, 920347m Northing

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