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Regional Collaboration

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Research Coordination Network: Scenarios, Services, & Society

The main objectives of the Scenarios, Services, and Society (S3) RCN, funded by the National Science Foundation, are to synthesize existing science, catalyze new research, and produce science products to understand and advance sustainable land-use trajectories. 

Science Policy Exchange

In 2011, we convened a workshop on "Science & Policy from Quandary to Innovation". Working with policy experts, media practitioners, and lead scientists from four Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites in the northeastern U.S., we created the structure for a new multi-institutional Science Policy Exchange. The primary work of the consortium is carried out by interdisciplinary, inter-site teams of 8–12 scientists and 4–6 policy advisors that address critical challenges in environmental stewardship. These include:

  1. regional scale scenarios of land-use, land-cover, and climatic change in the northeast;
  2. responses to new and emerging pest and pathogens; and
  3. addressing the land-water connection and its impacts on water quantity and quality.

The founding members of the Science Policy Exchange include Harvard Forest, the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, MBL/The Ecosystems Center, Syracuse University and the University of New Hampshire.