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Alumni profile: Where are you now?

Thursday, July 11, 2013
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Sarah Pears Boswell

Summer Research Program '02

Mentors: Steve Wofsy; David Bryant; Lucy Hutyra

Project: Stand Response to Inundation

Hometown: Pennsylvania

College and major: Dickinson College, Environmental Science 2004

  • Sarah Pears BoswellWhat you miss most about the Summer Research program: The collection of researchers- so many interesting people and cool projects in one place! I also miss running on the HF roads and trails.
  • What you miss least about the program: The inherent drama of a large house full of college students.
  • What about the program has stuck with you: I really learned how to do field-based research at Harvard Forest. In particular I began to appreciate how critical it is to think through logistics before heading out.
  • Have you stayed in touch with other Summer students: Unfortunately, no... Hey 2002... where are you?
  • Did your Summer Research experience support or change your school/career plans: My REU experience gave me confidence as a researcher. I later pursued more research-related jobs and earned a Master's in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont.
  • What are you up to now: I'm currently working as a forester with the Asian Longhorned Beetle Program in Worcester, MA. For my next adventure, I'll be returning to graduate school to earn a PhD. 
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