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Harvard Freshman Seminar

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2023 Freshman Seminar 21w (fall)A student cores a tree as part of the Freshman Seminar course
Research at the Harvard Forest: Global Change Ecology-Forests, Ecosystem Function, the Future

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This course explores state-of-the-art research, tools and measurements used to investigate and predict climate change through ongoing studies at the Harvard Forest’s 4,000-acre outdoor laboratory in Petersham, MA. The seminar consists of three weekend-long field trips (Friday evening-Sunday) to the Harvard Forest, and a final mini-symposium at the Forest. Students develop skills for evaluating, discussing, and presenting the ecological evidence for climate change, including feedbacks between forests and the atmosphere and long-term impacts on forest ecosystems. Note: Transportation, accommodations, and meals at the Harvard Forest will be provided.

Professor Dave Orwig (left) discusses data with Freshman Seminar students

Freshman Seminar students (2022) stand atop a research tower at the Prospect Hill tract\