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Guided Tour Fees

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a group enjoying a guided tourEvery year, thousands of students, scientists, and professionals visit the Harvard Forest for day-trips, workshops, courses, and conferences. Most self-guide through the Fisher Museum and trails, but a limited number request a guided field trip. We are able to honor requests that align with the availability of our small team of devoted, knowledgeable education staff.

To cover staff time and facilities upkeep, we must charge all visiting groups a fee (see below). Thank you for your support as we continue to engage a wide variety of learners in the many lessons available in our Museum, research sites, and natural history trails.


  • Guided, real-time virtual tour & Q&A (1 hour): $100 (Please email to inquire.)
  • Guided field trip (2-4 hours) for 1-25 visitors: $265
  • Guided field trip for 26-49 visitors: $530 (Note: Maximum group size for K-12 field trips is 35 students)

Scholarships and Fee Waivers

For elementary school, university, and professional groups: if your group's budget cannot cover the full fee, we may be able to offer a fee reduction. Email to inquire. 

For middle and high school groups: A limited number of 7th to 12-grade field trip scholarships are available for a guided field trip (for up to 35 students) to explore the forest and Fisher Museum, and to collect data as part of an authentic ecological field study within the Schoolyard Ecology Program. Preference is given to schools with a high percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch. The scholarship covers on-site student data collection materials and the tour fee. Reimbursement for busing is also available.