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The Ice Storm of 2008

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The Ice Storm of 2008

Overnight from December 11th to 12th, 2008, an ice storm blanketed central New England. Much of southern Vermont, southern and Central New Hampshire, parts of western Massachusetts, and all of Massachusett's Worcester Plateau was coated in one-half to one inch of ice. In Massachusetts alone, nearly 400,000 households lost electricity, and at our home in Royalston, Massachusetts, the lights didn't come back on until December 20th, 9-1/2 days later.

Here are some images taken by Elizabeth and me around our house after the ice storm. Clicking on any small image will open a larger high-resolution version in a new tab or browser window. All images are copyright (c) 2008 by Aaron Ellison & Elizabeth Farnsworth. Please e-mail us to obtain permission to use them in other web pages, publications, or presentations. 

Early morning on December 12, the house was surrounded by ice-bent trees and the road was impassible. 

212 house surrounded in ice NE Fitzwilliam

Maples in ice Sagging trees in ice

Trees everywhere were sagging or fallen.

Pines in ice Tree down

Encased by ice, leaves, branches, fungi and fruits take on an ironic beauty.

American cranberry in ice harry lauder in ice 

Arborvitae in ice Sumac in ice

Chives in ice Shelf fungus in ice 

The grass crunched underfoot.

Grass in ice Curlycue grass in ice

Other views.

Fence in ice 

The old oak lost limbs and was encased in ice but survived yet another "storm of a lifetime." 

Oak after ice storm Oak bark ice storm

The full moon - the closest and brightest of the year - lit up the ice spectacularly.

Full moon ice storm Full moon through icy trees

Walking up the hilltop, we were encased in ice too.

Elizabeth in ice Aaron in ice

The view of Mount Monadnock was glorious.

Monadnock after 2008 ice storm

The views and sunsets were spectacular, but after dark we were powered by generator.

Sunset through icy trees Generator

Within a couple days, the ice had melted and the trees sprang back. These two pictures are of the same tree, taken three days apart.

Sagging elm in ice Recovered elm

The overall recovery can be seen in these two panoramas, also taken three days apart. 

Panorama of Monadnock icestorm

Panorama Monadnock recovered