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Fort Barton RI ants

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 Around the fortifications and towerInitial part of nature trail (red trail) dominated by invasive plantsOn red trail: Sphagnum area near pond edgeWoodland at upper NE junction of blue & red trail near 3rd bridgeFloodplain of Sin & Flesh Brook (off red trail)Oak hickory woodland (off red trail)
Ponera pennsylvanica  X   
Camponotus nearcticus  X  X
Camponotus pennsylvanicusXX X X
Formica neogagatesX     
Formica pallidefulvaX     
Formica subaenescens    X 
Formica subintegra     X
Formica subsericea X   X
Lasius alienusX X XX
Lasius nearcticus X   X
Lasius umbratusX     
Aphaenogaster fulvaX  X X
Aphaenogaster rudisX  X X
Myrmecina americana    X 
Myrmica americanaX     
Myrmica punctiventrisXX   X
Myrmica sp. AF-smiXX    
Solenopsis molestaX     
Stenamma impar   X  
Temnothorax curvispinosusX     
Temnothorax longispinosusXX    
Tetramorium caespitumX