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Wildlife Camera Photos from the Harvard Forest Moose & Deer Browsing Experiment

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Remote cameras mounted on deer and moose exclosures in mixed hardwood-white pine and hemlock stands in central Massachusetts have documented patterns of habitat use by the two ungulate species, as well as a range of other wildlife species. 

Some observations are:

  • Moose used disturbed (especially logged) hemlock stands more frequently than intact hemlock stands, whereas deer used disturbed and intact hemlock stands more evenly.  Learn More.
  • Moose and deer used regenerated hardwood-pine stands at roughly the same frequency, despite ambient densities of deer, at a landscape scale, being much higher than moose. Learn More.

Photographs from 2016-2017

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[Moose foraging]     [Young Moose]

[Black bear cub]    [Red fox]

[Fisher]    [Black bear]

[Bobcat]    [White-tailed doe and fawn]

[Wild Turkey]