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Tuesday, October 6, 2009
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Megan Woltz

REU '06

Mentors: Kristina Stinson, Kathleen Donohue

Project: Garlic mustard population demographics differ among forest habitats at the Harvard Forest LTER (abstract)

Hometown: Afton, NC

College and major: North Carolina State University, Environmental Sciences, Ecology Concentration, Class of '07

  • Megan WoltzWhat you miss most about the REU program: Sitting around Fisher House cracking jokes with other REUs and Tim's excellent cooking.
  • What you miss least about the REU program: Poison ivy and mosquitoes that bite through carharts!
  • What about the REU program has stuck with you: The conviction that I really love to do research and want to some day run my own lab.
  • Have you stayed in touch with other REU students?: Yes, my old HF roommate is now one of my best friends. We visit each other once or twice a year, even though we live hundreds of miles apart, and talk on the phone pretty regularly.
  • Whether your REU experience supported or changed your career plans: Supported - the experience reinforced my desire to pursue scientific research as a career.
  • What you're up to now: I'm in my 3rd year in a PhD program in Entomology at Michigan State University. 
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