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A weekend away from Harvard Forest

Wednesday, June 23, 2010, by Sarah Gray
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Last weekend, I attended a summer solstice party with some of my friends. Christina Stinson, a researcher at Harvard Forest, was the host of the event and is the mentor of my friend. The party was quiet, but nice. With plenty of good food to eat and good company to share, it made for an eventful afternoon. We played games and relaxed on what was a beautifully sunny day.

On Sunday, a group of students went hiking in the Blue Hills right outside of Boston. It was very muggy that day, and eventually led to thunderstorms that rained down on us halfway through the hike. It felt good though, because the humidity was keeping us all nice and sweaty. The best part of the hike, however, was when we went to the bog near the blue hills.

Sarah Gray

The bog hike was awesome. We took off our shoes, because at points the boards sank into the bog, getting us wet up to our calves. A group of us went swimming when we reached the lake. Even though the lake was really dirty, it felt refreshing. The bog was really cool; it had carnivorous plants, such as pitcher plants.

Sarah Gray Local Ice CreamAfter the hike, a few of us went for sushi in Canton, MA, to refill our empty overworked stomachs. Opting not to eat the fried desserts at the sushi restaurant, we set off for a new venue. After talking to some of the town's residents, we discovered the place to get ice cream. As we drove up and saw 30 cars in the parking lot, we knew immediately we were in for a treat. The Dairy Bar made homemade ice cream, and they even had the dairy cows nearby that we watched while eating the ice cream. Overall, it was a good day!