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Summer winding down for student researchers but the fun isn't over just yet

Thursday, July 28, 2011, by Moshe Roberts, Summer Proctor
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As students wrap up their projects, polish their abstracts and start preparing their presentations for the annual symposium in August, they are still finding time for some exciting excursions to local cities, Boston and the coast. Students attended the midnight premier of the eighth and final Harry Potter movie on July 15, getting into the spirit by coming in costume! This summer has been one of the hottest yet, with many days topping 90 degrees, and students took the weekend as an opportunity to explore one of Massachusetts’ great State Parks on the coast at Plum Island. With salt marshes and 7 different beaches with crystal clear water and crashing waves, there was much to do! After exploring some of the wildlife and going for a dip, students explored the quaint port town of Newburyport, known for its art galleries, beach houses, and ice cream. 

There is also plenty of interesting wildlife to check out right at Harvard Forest. The forest is home to thriving populations of animals, rare plants, and fungi. Red efts, which are bright orange newts, can be seen along the trails and waterways of the forest for much of the summer, and recently, a tiny tree frog was spotted resting on a milkweed plant right outside Fisher House, one of the summer student dormitories. Stay tuned for our final symposium next week where each student will share their research progress and findings with the Harvard Forest community.


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