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Students' summer in pictures

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
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Congratulations Summer Research Program Students of 2013!  This group conducted great research, withstood equipment malfunctions and other "that's research" delays admirably, and finally presented well-crafted presentations with poise at the 21st annual Student Research Symposium.

They left this past weekend, some on Friday August 2 and some on Saturday August 3, with a phenomenal toolbox to draw from during later research experiences and academic forays.

In addition to having great minds and work ethics, these students have huge hearts and adventurous spirits. Even during periods of exhaustion, students spent evenings watching TV shows together, doing  yoga, playing board games, or just chatting while a few star-gamers played Super Smash Brothers. Most evenings and weekends, however, were spent in such pursuits as ultimate frisbee, soccer, tennis, skydiving, hiking, paddleboarding, and swimming. Regardless of the activity at hand, ice cream from local dairy cows was a constant favorite! Students could be seen eating it after lunch, when walking in the hallways, and when out exploring the local area.

In honor of a wonderful summer of newfound knowledge and friendship, take this summer's journey with us through pictures.

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