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Signs of Summer: The Wisdom of Ants

Wednesday, July 31, 2019, by Brianna Alexis Martinez and Concetta Ginevra
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What we want people to know: Ants are very resilient creatures. From observing how ants are reacting to a changing climate, we can learn more about how our ecosystems may be in the future.

What we want people to know: Solenopsis Molesta, or the Thief Ant, is a common household pest that feeds by stealing the eggs and brood of other ants, and stealing food from people. Those tiny ants on your countertop are hardened criminals!


In our research group, we study the species distribution of ants at Harvard Forest. I (Concetta) study whether a warming climate affects ant species diversity, while I (Brianna) study thief ant distribution and behavior from a pest management perspective.


As part of our Environmental Sign Making workshop, artist and educator David Buckley Borden showed us how to combine images in the culture with scientific information to convey facts and attitudes about our research to a wide audience.