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Exploring Petersham and the surrounding areas

Thursday, June 19, 2008
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"While the area might not provide much in the way of urban entertainment, the North Quabbin region has plenty of places to go outside and play. I was lucky enough to bring my canoe with me, and while I have not taken it out yet there are a ton of places around to paddle. Tully Lake is a beautiful lake nearby with hiking and biking trails around it. Also, Erving state park is a couple of minutes away, with hiking and canoing as well. This weekend, we are probably going to go camping at one of these sites. Another fun activity is the fire pit right behind Fisher house. We have had one campfire so far, with many sure to come. S'mores are delicious, and on a clear night you can see tons of stars. Overall, I have been having an awesome time, and this sounds like I am trying to sell you this REU."


Northampton is a great place where we spent the whole day having fun and getting to know it. We had the opportunity to eat at a nice Indian restaurant with great food and not too expensive. Also it has a great variety of beautiful shops that complement the place very well and to finish the day with great excitement we attended to a bluegrass concert at iron horse, great place, great music, awesome day!!!.


"DDR at Greenfield was awesome. There is no DDR in Petersham, which is disappointing but there are many other things that keep me occupied.
Jonathan's World videos on youtube occupied most of my time, until I was busy in the lab. Then my PSP broke. I am still backed up on old videos, but having a personal project is definitely a must if you want to keep yourself occupied."


"Frisbee started out as casual tossing back and forth between Angelica and I. As word spread of the game the teams formed and it got really competitive. Adrian dominated the field and was unstoppable, almost slamming into a tree to make the catch. Me, I came away with a blood blister-but it was totally worth it."


"Well during my time here in Petersham, I have enjoyed bike riding and playing golf. The people are extremely friendly and love to talk to me as well as all of the other REU's. The peace and quiet here is a nice change of pace from noisy and crowded Washington D.C."