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The delicious food for the Harvard Forest summer program

Monday, August 2, 2010, by Sarah Gray
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When I arrived at Harvard Forest back in May, I was shy, timid, and scared of my new environment. After meeting some of my fellow REUs, I became more relaxed with my surroundings. After the jitters of my first day subsided (having arrived at the Forest a week after the other students), I realized that I was starving! I asked my housemates if there was any food, and their reply was "Ohh, yes. There is food."

Joe Horn, a fellow REU, led me into the kitchen and told me,"You know the old saying: ‘Never trust skinny cooks?’ Well, here at Harvard Forest, that is not the case." After eating one bite of the cold stir-fry straight from the fridge, I agreed. Since then, I would not only trust Tim and Sarah with my stomach, but my life.

There has never been a meal that was not completely delicious. From the vegetables that are cooked to perfection to the deserts that make you go for fourths, I can't seem to stop eating. When I was younger I always used to joke about the food I wanted served to me when I was on my death bed, and Tim's and Sarah's food makes that cut. One of my favorites were the tacos made with local beef and the perfect spices; the chocolate almond cherry cookies certainly win an honorable mention.


The things I think that have made me gorge and drool were the Strawberry Shortcake Cake and the Triple Chocolate Mousse. My friends here can attest that, on the night of the Triple Chocolate Mousse, I ate about four of them and still wanted more.

Now that the end of the summer program is nearing, I am counting down the final days of eating this delectable food before it is back to Mac & Cheese and PB & J. I will miss Friday morning breakfasts of waffles, blueberry pancakes, and mouthwatering coffee cakes and sticky buns.


So this is a shout out to the cooks, and a huge thanks for keeping our tummies full and happy.