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Blue vs. Wild

Tuesday, July 24, 2018, by Nia Riggins
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Blue vs. Wild is an upcoming comic book about a girl and her adventures at Harvard Forest. It is a tale of friendship, science, and a whole lot of other things too. She and her field partner explore the wilderness and make observations through measuring seedlings, harvesting trees, taking canopy photos, and collecting soil samples. The woods can be a scary but beautiful place. It’s full of spiders and mice, but also adorable creatures like bright orange newts and frogs. This story revolves around the forest but there are several scenery changes! The whole gang explores other landscapes like the beach and a city. Around the time the main characters go to another forest to set ant traps is when the story starts to pick up speed. Between bushwacking, large spider sightings, and a mouse that lives in the wall it seems to be a really wild summer. It’s a summer of learning, nature, and good friends. Coming Soon Summer 2018.


Nia is a rising Junior at Bryn Mawr College studying Biochemistry.