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Friday, August 10, 2012, by Snickers
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This summer, my mom takes me to work with her. She is a "research mentor," whatever that means. We go to Harvard Forest several times a week. I am very excited about going there because I am never alone. I usually stay by the table where my mom works and people come to pat me from time to time.

When 12:00 pm comes, I start wagging my tail with excitement because I know it's time to go on a walk. I love walking through the forest. When I come back from the walk, I want to make friends with the cows in the pasture. However, Mom always gets upset when I get too close to them. 


After lunch, my friends come to play with me. I love their company and they are always so excited to see me. I am pretty sad that the summer is almost over because I will miss my friends. I wish I could talk just so I could thank all of them for this amazing summer! 

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