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Alumni profile: Where are you now?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
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Brady Hardiman

Summer Research Program '03

Mentor: Julian Hadley

Project: Photosynthetic rates of Betula lenta: Effects on canopy carbon storage rates in a changing environment

College and major: Ashland, Ohio Biology/Chemistry-2003

  • What you miss most about the Summer Research programHanging out with my REU cohort. They were a really fun and diverse group. I learned a lot from them and have enjoyed staying in touch. Also, the food was excellent.
  • What you miss least about the program: Shared bathrooms and mosquitos.
  • What about the program has stuck with youThe training in following a question through the scientific process from origination, through hypothesis formation, data collection, and interpretation has been particularly useful. Several technical skills, including operating a LICOR 6400 and a canopy lift, were put to good use while I was in grad school.
  • Have you stayed in touch with other Summer Students? A few. I run into more at professional meetings and we always spend time catching up.
  • Did your Summer Research experience support or change your school/career plans? I went to grad school to work on a project that ended up being very similar to the one I worked on while an REU at Harvard Forest.
  • What are you up to now? Just finished up my dissertation at Ohio State University. I am working as a postdoc at Boston University and hope eventually to become a professor at a small/medium 4 year university. 
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