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Aphiochaeta iroquoiana Malloch

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Distribution (See Map)

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    • Missisippi—Biloxi
    • Florida—Freeport
    • Alabama—Theodore

The nest of the wasp, Isodontia harrisi Fern., as they occur frequently in the pitchers of Sarracenia flava, sledgei, rubra, jonesi, and drummondii, are frequently invaded by other insects, which may be either parasites upon the wasp larvae, or which often function as despoilers of the stored food (paralyzed Oecanthus or nymphs of grasshoppers). A Muscoid (?) fly seems to belong to the former category and its larvae or puparia are found adjacent to the food chamber. Ants (scent guided) often get access by a small hole opposite the food chamber; and not rarely also small dipterous larvae or their pupae may be found occupying that area, the wasp larvae or pupa perishing by starvation or in the process of destruction by the invaders. This is a frequent habitat of a Phorid species which [is] a usual species with this habit as Aphiochaeta iroquoiana Malloch. 

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