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Lasius subgenus Acanthomyops (Acitronella ants)

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Lasius subgenus Acanthomyops (Acitronella ants)

 1a.Hairs on gaster with plumose (feathery) tips (view obliquely at 50-100×) A. plumopilus
 1b.Hairs on gaster not plumose 2
 2a. Petiolar scale sharp 3
 2b. Petiolar scale blunt 5
 3a. Hairs on body fine, thin, wispy; gular hairs shortA. sublabers
 3b. Hairs on body and/or gula not as above 4
 4a. Hairs all over gaster, gular hairs longA. claviger
 4b. Hairs all over on 1st tergite; only on edges of 2nd and 3rd tergites; gular hairs fewA. interjectus
 5a. Very hairy all over; many gular hairsA. latipes
 5b. Hairs on propodeum denser than elsewhere; gular hairs few, shortA. murphyi  

Reference: Wing, M. W. 1968. Taxonomic revision of the nearctic genus Acanthomyops (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Memoirs of the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station 405: 1-173.

Additional information from conversation with Stefan Cover (MCZ), 11/15/2006