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Agromyza virens Lw

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Flower stem borers of Sarracenia

Food plant

Flower stems of Sarracenia purpurea

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    • Florida—Freeport
    • New Jersey—Whitings, Tom's River, Davenport

In addition to the larvae of Olethreutes daeckeana, several species of larvae bore the flower stems of Sarracenia. These include a Cecidomyia (?) whose salmon colored larvae occur high up in the stem; pupation within the tunneled cavity, the pupae pushing part way out through the stem wall for emergence of adults, [which] appear in July.

Seen much more abundantly in flower stems of S. purpurea over a wide seasonal range and in several years, larvae and pupae of a larger species; often a provided emergence hole apparent; several records of pupae over-wintering, with adult emergence in the spring.

These insects seem in no way involved in the trap structures and specializations of the plants, and are preserved and recorded simply because of their association with the several plant species—perhaps on their part not an obligatory association.


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