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Fisher Museum

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The Fisher Museum's main exhibit displays twenty-three internationally acclaimed models (dioramas) portraying the history, conservation and management of central New England forests.

Other exhibits at the museum represent the range of ecological research at the Harvard Forest. Outdoors, our system of interpretive trails provide additional opportunities for learning.


  • Pre-Settlement Forest
  • An Early Settler Clears a Homestead
  • Height of Forest Clearing and Agriculture
  • Farm Abandonment
  • "Old-Field" White Pine Forest on Abandoned Farmland
  • "Old-Field" White Pine is Succeeded by Hardwoods
  • A Vigorously Growing Forest of Hardwoods
  • The Modern Forest Landscape (photograph by David Foster)
  • Old Growth Forests
  • Old Growth Forests 2
  • Wildlife Habitat in a Dynamic Landscape
  • Accelerated Erosion with Intensive Land Use
  • Forest Fire
  • Forest Fire Management
  • Early Treatment of a Hardwood Stand
  • Improvement Cutting in A Hardwood Stand
  • First Thinning in a Mixed White Pine - Hardwood Forest
  • Third Thinning in a Mixed White Pine - Hardwood Forest
  • Conversion of Cordwood to Future Sawtimber
  • Increasing White Pine in Hardwood Stands
  • Release of Pine From Suppression by Gray Birch
  • Pruning White Pine to Produce Better Logs
  • Group Selection Method of Harvesting White Pine
  • Shelterwood Method in White Pine (right) and Hardwoods (left)
  • Construction of Dioramas