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Schoolyard Ecology Presentations

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Harvard Forest Ecologists' Presentations and Educational Resources

Boose, E. 2016. Data Workshop I. Presentation

Colburn, B. 2015. Introduction to Data Visualization; A Looking at Data Workshop. Presentation.

Colburn, B. 2015. Show Me a Picture, Tell Me A Story; Harvard Forest Schoolyard Ecology Program: Level II & III Data Analysis Workshop. Presentation. 

Colburn, B. 2012. Examples of ways to present information on vernal pool animals. Handout.

Faison, E. 2013. Data Workshop I-Looking at Our Changing Forests data. Sample graphs and comparisons. 

Hart, C. 2010. Media presentation for teachers. Oral presentation.

O'Keefe, J. 2017. Spring Phenology Presentation with Graphs. Oral presentation.

O'Keefe, J. 2016. Fall Phenology Presentation with Graphs. Oral presentation.

O'Keefe, J. 2016. Summer Institute: Buds, Leaves, and Global Warming. Oral presentation. 

O'Keefe, J. 2016.  Spring Phenology. Presentation.

O'Keefe, J. 2012. Phenology Graphs (from data workshop I). Oral presentation.

O'Keefe, J. 2011. What is phenology? Oral presentation.

O'Keefe, J. 2006. Harvard Forest phenology study 1990-2006. Poster.

Orwig, D. 2016. Summer Institute intro: Hemlock woolly adelgid and its impacts on forest ecosystems. Oral presentation.

Orwig, D. 2009. Will the hemlock woolly adelgid destroy our hemlock trees forever?. Oral presentation. 

Plisinski, J. 2017. Introducing Our Changing Forests Landscape Maps. Oral presentation. 

Rapp, J. 2016. Our Changing Forests Schoolyard Ecology Summer Institute Presentation. Oral presentation

Schoolyard Ecology Teacher Presentations

Spring Workshop Lightning Round Presentations.  March 2017.

Spring Workshop Teacher Presentations with Audio. April 2014.

Individual teacher presentations without audio are located in the Lesson Plans section. 


Harvard Forest Teacher Recognition Ceremony Presentations


Schoolyard Year in Review Presentations

 A Look Back 2006-2007

A Look Back  2007-2008

A Look Back 2008-2009