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Summer Research Experience: Student Blog

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Exploring Petersham and the surrounding areas

June 19, 2008
"While the area might not provide much in the way of urban entertainment, the North Quabbin region has plenty of places to go outside and play. I was lucky enough to bring my canoe with me, and while I have not taken it out yet there are a ton of places around to paddle. Tully Lake is a beautiful lake nearby with hiking and biking trails around it. Also, Erving state park is a couple of minutes away, with hiking and canoing as well. This weekend, we are probably going to go camping at one of these sites. Another fun activity is the fire pit right behind Fisher house. We have had one campfire...Read more >

Orientation and first week

June 5, 2008
Day 1 "Very exciting first day here I woke up early and went for a run before breakfast. After breakfast we had orientation all day. The morning was filled with an introduction to the forest history in the area (complete with a slideshow with the voiceover of a movie preview style narrator, so it was very dramatic and appropriate for the bits when they talked about the hurricane that came through in the 30's), and the overview of the program (including speeches about the importance/the big picture as well as personal ethics and our community here). We also had a lovely overview about ticks...Read more >