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2013-2014 Bullard Recipients

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Harvard Forest is pleased to announce the 2013-2014 Charles Bullard Fellows in Forest Research. The purpose of this Fellowship program, established in 1962, is to support advanced research and study by persons who show promise of making important contributions, either as scholars or administrators, to forestry defined in its broadest sense as the human use and study of forested environments.

This year's Bullard Fellows were selected from a large pool of international applicants and cover a broad array of forest-related subjects. These six distinguished practitioners and academics from across the United States and the globe will spend one to two semesters conducting research based in Cambridge, Mass., or at the Harvard Forest in Petersham. Fellows are supported by an endowment named after the benefactor Charles Bullard. While in residence at Harvard, Fellows interact with faculty and students, give seminars, participate in conferences and symposia and avail themselves of the University's great research resources. Applications will be accepted beginning September 1, 2013 for Bullard Fellowships during 2014-2015.

"The Harvard community benefits immensely from the presence of the outstanding scholars and fellows supported by the Bullard program," says David R. Foster, director of Harvard Forest and chair of the Bullard Fellowship committee. "The breadth of research encompassed by this year's class of scholars is vast, ranging from sustainable forest management to computer science, from cell biology to reconstructions of past environmental change."

2013-2014 Charles Bullard Fellows:

Nigel Asquith, Director of Research at Fundacion Natura Bolivia, brings research interests in incentive-based conservation programs to his nine-month Bullard Fellowship. His research will be based at the main Harvard campus in Cambridge, Mass., in his joint role as a Harvard Fellow in Sustainability Science working with professor William Clark. His work will focus on evaluating whether payments for ecosystem services (PES) can support sustainable forest management.   

Franco Biondi is a geography professor and director of the DendroLab at the University of Nevada-Reno. He will spend his eight-month fellowship in collaboration with Harvard Forest ecologist Dave Orwig, completing a book on dendroecology that seeks to reduce uncertainty in reconstructions of environmental change. 

Laura Johnson, former president of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, will collaborate with Jim Levitt, director of Harvard Forest's Program on Conservation Innovation, during her 10-month Bullard Fellowship. Her broad interests in private land conservation and the land trust movement will culminate in a comparative study of emerging private land conservation efforts outside the US.

Michael Knoblauch is an associate professor in biological sciences and director of the Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center at Washington State University. During his 7-month Bullard Fellowship, in collaboration with Harvard professor Missy Holbrook, he will study phloem transport of nutrients in trees.

Barbara Lerner, an associate professor of computer science at Mount Holyoke college, will spend her 12-month Bullard Fellowship collaborating with Harvard Forest Information Manager Emery Boose on a scientific data provenance project--helping scientists to understand their data provenance needs, and developing and evaluating tools to track provenance.

Pamela Templer is an associate professor of biology at Boston University.  Her research will examine the effects of winter climate change on the growth and health of forests and water quality throughout the northeastern U.S.  She will spend her Bullard Fellowship based in Cambridge, working with Professor Steve Wofsy and William Munger, as well as Bill Clark at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as a Harvard Fellow in Sustainability Science.