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2014-2015 Bullard Recipients

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Harvard Forest is pleased to announce the 2014-2015 Charles Bullard Fellows in Forest Research. The purpose of this Fellowship program, established in 1962, is to support advanced research and study by persons who show promise of making important contributions, either as scholars or administrators, to forestry defined in its broadest sense as the human use and study of forested environments.

This year's Bullard Fellows were selected from a large pool of international applicants and cover a broad array of forest-related subjects. These six distinguished practitioners and academics from across the United States and the globe will spend one to two semesters conducting research based in Cambridge, Mass., or at the Harvard Forest in Petersham. Fellows are supported by an endowment named after the benefactor Charles Bullard. While in residence at Harvard, Fellows interact with faculty and students, give seminars, participate in conferences and symposia and avail themselves of the University's great research resources. Applications will be accepted beginning October 1, 2014 for Bullard Fellowships during 2015-2016.

"The Harvard community benefits immensely from the presence of the outstanding scholars and fellows supported by the Bullard program," says David R. Foster, director of Harvard Forest and chair of the Bullard Fellowship committee. "The breadth of research encompassed by this year's class of scholars is vast, ranging from sustainable forest management to computer science, from cell biology to reconstructions of past environmental change."

2014-2015 Charles Bullard Fellows:

Hannah Buckley is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology at Lincoln University in New Zealand. During her 9-month Bullard Fellowship, she will be collaborating with fellow Bullard Bradley Case and HF Senior Ecologist Aaron Ellison to investigate temporal dynamics in macroecology.

Bradley Case, also from Lincoln University in New Zealand, will spend 9 months in collaboration with fellow Bullard Hannah Buckley and HF Senior Ecologist Aaron Ellison on a project to improve uncertainties in modeling vegetation dynamics.

Betsy Colburn, a lecturer on water at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and an independent consultant, grant-writer, and editor; will spend her year-long Bullard Fellowship investigating the effects of farming on soils and water. (Read more in her Bullard Spotlight.)

Anthony D'Amato is an associate professor of silviculture and applied forest ecology at the University of Minnesota. He is spending his fellowship exploring the influence of large, infrequent, stand-replacing disturbance events on the long-term development of hemlock-white pine systems. (Read more in his Bullard Spotlight.)

Lynda Mapes, a veteran newspaper journalist and author, is writing a book about climate change and forest phenology through the lens of one 100-year-old oak tree. (Read more in her Bullard Spotlight.)

Wyatt Oswald is an associate professor of science at Emerson College. His Bullard research is focused on paleoecology in New England.

Anne Pringle is studying microbial and fungal diversity in soils during her 10-month Bullard Fellowship.

Peter Thomas is a Senior Lecturer in botanical and environmental science at Keele University in the UK. During his 6-month Bullard Fellowship, he is writing a book called Practical Tree Biology. 

Diana Tomback, a professor of forest ecology and conservation biology at the University of Colorado Denver, is writing synthesis papers during her 7-month fellowship based on her research and policy perspectives, to raise the profile on current threats to keystone/foundation forest species.